Lina Abbaoui

WLFC Website Chair, 2018-19

Lina Abbaoui is a corporate defense attorney specializing in labor and employment at Abercrombie & Fitch. Lina is a 2015 Capital Law grad and joined Abercrombie following law school. She first joined WLFC as a law student and she is excited to be starting her first year as a board member of the WLFC serving as the Website chair. In her free time Lina enjoys cooking, traveling, and kayaking.

2018-19 Board of Trustees

President: Katherine "Kitty" Ivan
President-Elect: Rachel Sabo
Secretary: Gina Piacentino
Treasurer: Lisa Messner
Trustee at Large: Ashley Oliker
Trustee at Large: Katrina Thompson

Committee Chairs

Code of Regulations: Michalea Delaveris
Community Service: Jolene Griffith
Data & Information Historian: Ashley B. Watson
Dining Circle: Lia Meehan
Diversity: Hannah Botkin-Doty
Events: Zebonéy Barrañada & Alexis Preskar
Judicial Campaign: Anna Sanyal
Law School Chair: Bridjette Brown
Law School Rep, Capital: Sara Valentine
Law School Rep, OSU: Kimberly Despas
Membership: Meghna Rao
Public Relations: Ann Hancock Gradisek
Scholarship: Megan Gonzalez
Social Media: Kailee Goold
Women in the Profession: Celia Kilgard-Schnupp
Website: Lina Abbaoui

WLFC Member Roster

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